Private Office

A range of fully-furnished, lockable offices equipped with professional amenities to fit the needs of individuals, teams, and small to medium-sized businesses, with the option of customization in terms of space and furniture.

High Speed Internet
Business Address
Free Parking
Free Coffee and Drinks
Access to meeting rooms
Printing up to 60 papers
Free Cleaning
Access to seminars
Community Events

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the difference between an open office and a private office?

An open office is a shared workspace that features few or no physical barriers between desks, facilitating communication. In contrast, a private office is an enclosed workspace that provides employees with privacy and a space to focus without distractions.

What is the cost of the private offices?

In Verdun, the cost of renting a private office is $700/month for two people. Private office rental can also be on hourly, daily, or weekly basis at $12/hour, $50/day, and $200/week.

In The Spot Choueifat Branch, the prices vary from $40/8hours, $20/4hours, to $450 per month.

Can I rent an office for a day? How much does it cost?

Yes, you can hire an office for $50/day in ABC Verdun and $40/day in The Spot Choueifat.

What is the offices' layout?
The office layout is designed to be both productive and positive, ​and can be helpful for long work hours​ as the walls are made of fiber blast glass that allow for natural light and a view of the ​outdoor garden. ​I​t's also designed to reduce noise distractions. To provide privacy, the lower half of the glass walls are covered with frosted adhesive film. The office includes two desks and two cabinets, but can be adjusted to fit up to three desks upon request. Overall, the office layout is designed to promote a comfortable and productive work environment with a connection to nature and minimal distractions.
What should a good office have?
A good office should have several key features to promote comfort, productivity, and tenant satisfaction. These features include comfortable furniture, proper lighting, adequate storage space, and a clean and healthy environment. Ensuring a pleasant climate and comfortable temperature in the workspace is also essential for tenants’ satisfaction and productivity.
What amenities are offered by private offices?
Our Private Office package includes amenities such as high-speed internet, free drinks, free parking, cabinet, printing services, 6 hours access to the meeting room per month and 20% discount on additional usage. You can also benefit from discounts in restaurants located in the same mall as HEXA.
Can I still use other areas of the HEXA space?
Yes, you can still use other areas of the HEXA space.
What is the shortest term of a private office contract?
You can rent a private office for as little as an hour or as long as a month, or even more months if needed.
Do you provide single-person private offices for rent?
​Our private offices are designed for up to two to three people but can be rented and occupied by a single person paying the full rent.

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