Virtual Office

Need a professional address but do not require a physical location? Need help with your courier reception and flexible office access? Our virtual offices are perfect for you!

High Speed Internet
Business Address
Courier reception & Handling
Free Locker
Free 3-day passes to a hot seat
Access to the meeting room

Frequently Ask Questions

Is a virtual office a physical space?
A virtual office is not a physical space in the traditional sense, it refers to a set of services that provide businesses with a professional address and meeting spaces allowing them to establish a professional presence without the need for a dedicated physical office space.
Can I use the virtual office address for legal purposes?

Definitely, our virtual office provides you with a business address that can be used for legal purposes.

What is included in a virtual office package?
Our virtual office package offers a business address, courier reception and handling, one free locker, 6 hours access to the meeting room with a 20% discount on additional usage, 3-day passes to a hot seat, and free internet access.
Can I access coworking spaces or private offices with a virtual office package?
Yes! You can have up to 3 days free access to our hot seat at both our branches.

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