HEXA is more than a workplace,  it’s a Digital Hub designed to inspire growth and cross-collaboration, offering amenities and services designed to nourish the innovator’s mind, body and spirit.

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Who we are

Hexa Coworking was founded in Dallas, Texas, and has since expanded to Mexico and other locations in Lebanon. Hexa is Lebanon’s first coworking space to open inside a mall, providing all coworkers with a unique neighborhood experience and unparalleled convenience.

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Chain of Coworking Spaces

Free Coffee and drinks
High Speed Internet
Flexible Opening Hours
Business Services
Free parking
Electricity 24/7

Creating a better work day for all

HEXA offers a wide range of attractive & comfortable shared offices in strategic locations for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners.

Why Hexa

No matter how you work! Choose Hexa and discover a supportive environment for all your professional needs.

Global Company

Join Hexa Coworking and become part of a diverse and dynamic community that spans across the globe. Experience the unique opportunities and benefits of being part of an international network.

Chain of Offices

Experience the flexibility and convenience of our coworking chain and gain access to a wide range of locations, amenities, and a vibrant community of professionals. Join us now!

Cost Saving

Hexa Coworking is cost-saving due to shared expenses, flexible terms, and access to shared amenities, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities.

Convenient Locations

Discover the perfect coworking experience at our prime city locations, exclusively nestled within vibrant malls. Enjoy convenient access to amenities and immerse yourself in the dynamic energy of the neighborhood.


Engage in meaningful conversations, share ideas, and build valuable relationships that can lead to partnerships, referrals, and professional growth.


Join the Hexa Community and unlock a world of networking possibilities. Connect and collaborate with professionals from diverse backgrounds and industries, opening doors to new partnerships and endless opportunities for growth and success.

High Productivity

Hexa Coworking spaces foster high productivity through their conducive work environment, minimal distractions, and a community of motivated individuals. The atmosphere of focus, collaboration, and shared energy can inspire and drive productivity to new heights.

Innovation Boost

Hexa Coworking spaces are designed to ignite innovation by fostering a diverse community of creative thinkers and entrepreneurs. Through collaboration, networking, and knowledge sharing, Hexa cultivates an environment that sparks fresh ideas, promotes cross-pollination of expertise, and nurtures a culture of innovation.


Do more than just work. Create. Innovate.


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